Bill Hand

Stage Performing Extrordinaire

Bill Hand is a performer, historian and journalist who researches and writes the scripts of the characters he portrays.
From Mark Twain to Orville Wright, his story-telling captivates.


Residing in New Bern, North Carolina, he has been an active member in the arts community both writing,

directing and performing in play productions.

His best-known character is Mark Twain, in which he portrays the famed American humorist as he appeared I his many lectures and tours around the world. From excerpts of his popular novels such as “Tom Sawyer” and “Huckleberry Finn” to poignant and insightful commentary and observations from his many essays, articles, books and speeches, Bill Hand’s “Mark Twain” presentation is offered

as a shorter, tailored program to a full evening on stage.

Recently, Mr. Hand added the character of Orville Wright to his program in which the co-inventor of the airplane talks about the events leading up to the day in Kitty Hawk when they built

the first controlled flying machine.


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