Donald Thompson Band

Blues, Vintage Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, & Classic Rock

The band’s colorful stage attire harkens back to the “cool threads” worn by the performers in the legendary days of vinyl records. Couple this look with dynamic vocals, hot guitars, wailing harmonica, rocking piano & Hammond organ, and in-the-groove drumming and you’ve got a treat for both the eyes and the ears.

Audiences are swept up by the band’s energy and the good-time feeling they bring. So, come see and hear them for yourself. You're gonna love 'em!

The Donald Thompson Band delivers high energy performances show after show. Their rousing brand of blues, vintage rhythm & blues and classic rock delights audiences across the age spectrum. As the band's byline goes:

Great Music!!!  Great Show!!!

If you enjoy Blues, Vintage Rhythm & Blues, and Classic Rock  - and a great show -  then this is a band you'll want to experience . Kick back and groove along or get up and let the music move you - either way, you'll have a fun time!


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